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A Bit About Me

Amanda is a Mortgage Agent who  enjoys her time professionally in and around Kitchener and Ottawa areas Her professional career began in the Healthcare industry and then took a special interest into real estate

Amanda has also recently obtained a new investment property within the past two years.

Amanda is known for being an active individual within her community as well as giving back . She believes that building strong connections and genuine relationships with the people around her are the best way to forge long-lasting professional relationships. 

One of Amanda’s biggest passions is her love for animals, especially dogs. In addition to having a dog of her own Amanda is also largely involved with the Autism Dog Services foundation where she has raised and trained puppies that will be used for service. Because of her love for the foundation, Amanda also donates a percentage of her mortgage earnings to Autism Dog Service.


Building a better community together


How well do you know your finances?

Consider purchasing this workbook as a helpful tool to gain insight and education around your personal household finances. 

Amanda Schultz Financial Book.jpg

Looking to support a great cause?

If you are interested in donating to Autism Dog Services please click the button below and you will be directed to their website.
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